Sale of Washing Equipments

HeliTecnics has more than 20 years of experience in the air services sector, both washing live line insulators and power lines inspection.

A few years ago HeliTechnics has begun a new service in the sector, the cleaning of wind turbine blades. Our new service aims to provide a truly effective, practical and economical alternative to clean the wind turbine blades, using the equipment adapted to the needs and technicians specialized in cleaning jobs helicopter.

And now HeliTechnics has decided to evolve further and enter into the sale of washing equipment for both insulators and wind turbine blades for AS350 helicopters.

for imperfections.

Lavado de Aisladores Helicoptero - Venta Equipos Lavado

Our experience has enabled us to evolve and improve existing equipment, giving them an advantage over other companies that don’t have this experience.

HeliTechnics is a global provider of training and specialized services with helicopters on power lines. One of these services is washing live line insulator, HeliTechnics has done this type of work in countries around the world such as Spain, Cyprus, Greece, South Korea, France, Algeria, etc., and with more than 1,000,000 insulator strings of 66, 132, 220, 400kV and 500kV washed . HeliTechnics has developed and perfected an effective method of washing techniques during these years of experience, which we share during training we teach.

Our new equipment has the necessary improvements also for the proper cleaning of wind turbines, mentioned in previous sections, starting from the experience, values ​​and opinions of highly qualified personnel who have used these equipment.