Become a Partner

HeliTecnics is the first company in the world to offer the washing and deicing windmills blades with helicopter services. Now, we offer the possibility to become our partner and could benefit of all the privileges from our experience.

HeliTecnics possess the INTERNATIONAL PATENT pending (PCT) for method and equipment of washing windmills blades with helicopter.

Your company could be favored obtaining the use of the patent, exclusively, in your territory, and also:

  • Washing Equipment Provider.
  • Training courses for pilots and boom operators.
  • Business Plan.


To give all the advantages to our partners, HeliTecnics share all the technical and commercial information of this new technique. Helitecnics also develop and maintain a great relationship with each partner to be sure they are always informed of our roadmap and objectives.

If you or your company is interested to become our partner, send us a email with your full details and type of company exposing your interest reasons and we will answer speedily.

HeliTecnics is the first company in the world to make the cleaning and deicing of windmill blades with helicopter.

  • International Patent
  • Increase the efficiency to 20%. Immediate results.
  • Giving of Patent Exploitation in your territory.
  • Sale of washing windmill blades equipment more advances in the world.
  • Training with license to helicopter pilots and boom operators about the washing procedure.