With a track record stretching back 20 years, HeliTecnics works with native helicopter operators around the world, install our equipment to clean and de-ice windmill blades and live line insulators, to make thermo graphic inspections and corona surveys UV with our experimented personnel of pilots, operators and engineers. We also make training courses for pilots and helicopter pilots and sale washing windmills and live line insulators equipment.

HeliTecnics in the terrestrial scope also perform thermo graphic inspections for the main industries and UV -corona effect-, and sale and services of last generation cryogenic clean equipment around the world, representing the best manufacturers and high level customers.

HeliTecnics provide last generation drones services worldwide equipped for your needs, video, pictures, thermal pictures, rescue operations, inspections, fire control, etc.

HeliTecnics is the first company in the world to make the cleaning and deicing of windmill blades with helicopter.

  • International Patent
  • Increase the efficiency up to 20%. Immediate results.
  • Giving of Patent Exploitation in your territory
  • Sale of washing windmill blades equipment more advances in the world.
  • Training courses adressed to helicopter pilots and boom operators about the washing procedure.