TRAINING COURSE Cleaning Wind Turbine Blades

Training Course of Helicopter Specialist Operator in Inspection and Washing of Wind Turbine Blades

This Training Course is addressed to wind turbine maintenance companies, workers and operators.

Increase your job chances and to have the opportunity to work in the aeronautic field!

In fact, the wind farm owners around the world are becoming aware of the importance to have their wind turbines blades clean. One wind turbine can increase their productivity until 20% if it is dirty or 100% if it is frozen or have snow on its blades and they know this is the best way to do it for their economic benefit.

The washing pre-inspection is one of the most important steps on this procedure, is essential to find defects or anomalies on the blades inasmuch as if the cleaning procedure starts in these conditions the surface of the blade may be damaged. This operation is carried out by an adapted Ultra HD camera.

Accomplish this work requires every time more helicopter operators specialized in the field. Is known in 2020, more than 250 helicopter operators will be demanded around the world.

HeliTechnics has developed several trainings in different countries with limited places and with a theoretical part and flights with MD500 and AS350 helicopters with washing equipment’s with EASA Certification.

HeliTechnics has the INTERNATIONAL PATENT (PCT) for the method and equipment of washing windmill blades with helicopter.

For Spanish companies’ workers, the course is subsidized. Ask for other countries.

The duration of the course is 3 or 4 days (depending on the weather conditions) and is conducted by helicopter instructors, aeronautical specialist and mechanical engineers.


Theoretical Modules

  1. Wind turbine parts and structure.
  2. Why wash?
  3. Helicopter versus others methods.
  4. Onshore and offshore.
  5. Pre inspection.
  6. Procedure of washing. Products.
  7. Clean and de-ice.
  8. The helicopter. Alpha Code. Communications.
  9. The washing System.
  10. Human Resources & Equipment.
  11. Weather
  12. Limitations, safety and environment.
  13. Final Test.

Practical Part

The student will flight with an instructor and will know the washing methods, safety, use and maintenance of the equipment.

After approving the theoretical and practical tests, will receive an Specialist Helicopter Operator Certificate of Cleaning and Inspection of Wind Turbine Blades.


Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. In which languages will the course be taught?

The course could be done in English, French and Spanish. For groups with other languages needs, the course will be done with a professional translator.


  1. How can I obtain the visa?

The organization will process the visa’s invitation, then you only should go to the embassy of the country on your territory to pick it up.


  1. Which requirements must a trainee has?

The people who apply to the training course must be over 18 years old, must be fit and have finished the basic studies.


  1. Which job opportunities will I have?

In 2020, more than 250 helicopter operator will be needed. A new door will open to you and your company  in a rising sector and with lots of opportunities.


  1. Where the training courses will be?

Depending on the nationality of the trainees, it could be at:

Stockholm (SWEDEN), Tenerife (SPAIN), Fortaleza (BRAZIL), Seoul (SOUTH KOREA) and Vancouver (CANADA) or at the origin countries of the trainees.




The bookings are made in strict order of application to fill positions.

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