High Voltage Power Line Insulator Cleaning Courses

Training course for pilots, operators and ground personnel for the cleaning of insulator chains on live power lines by helicopter.

HeliTecnics has an International Training Centre for pilots, logistics coordinators, operators and ground personnel.

More than 25 years of experience and tens of thousands of insulators recovered in several countries are the guarantee of our training. HeliTechnics offers you to receive the training at your workplace or in our country with our helicopters and specialist instructors: helicopter pilots, electrical engineers and aeronautical specialists. It is also possible to take the course ONLINE.

The course consists of 3 parts: a theoretical part, a practical part and a strict final exam.

In the theoretical part we show: theory of high voltage lines, problems in an insulator, helicopter types and washing equipment, flight and ground crew, required resources and supports, protection and safety equipment, environment, etc.

The practical part has 4 modules:


  • Module 1: A.T. and M.T.: types, structure, function and components. Flight practice, approaches and movements around the lines for pilots.
  • Module 2: Helicopters: Types of helicopters suitable for inspection. Position, location, interpretation of line maps. Communications. Use of scrubbing equipment for operators.
  • Module 3: Safety, crew, crew auxiliary, weather and environment. Practice of coordination of movements between pilot, operator, coordinator and logistic means.
  • Module 4: The use of the installation and maintenance of equipment: Aircraft. Coordination between flight crew and ground crew. Electric transport company requirements. Legal and civil aviation requirements.

At the end of the theoretical and practical training, HeliTecnics delivers a Training Certificate.


  • IEEE 516 Guide for Maintenance Methods on Energised Powerlines.
  • IEEE Guide for Cleaning Insulators Standard 957.
  • ISO 9001:2008 Internal Procedures.
  • EASA standards.

Course Duration: Approximately 50 hours (including flights).

Location: Courses can be given at our facilities, at your company’s own facilities or in online format.

Languages: English, French and Spanish. Other languages require a translator.

Participants receive the necessary training to become part of the elite in specialised helicopter work in terms of preparation, performance, safety and respect for the environment.