Live Line Washing Insulators Training Courses

HeliTecnics has an International Training Center for pilots, coordinators, operators and ground team.

With a track record stretching back 20 years and more than 1.000.000 insulators recovered in several countries guarantee our trainings. HeliTecnics could offer to impart their trainings in their Training Center or in your countries with our helicopter pilots and specialized instructors: pilots, mechanical engineers and aeronautic specialists.

Nowadays, 85 pilots and operators are needed.

Three parts compose the course: a theory part, a practical part (flights) and a final exam.

Theoretical modules:


  • Unit 1: H.V and M.V.: types, structure, function and components. Flights’ practice, approaches and movements around the power lines to pilots.
  • Unit 2: Helicopters: Correct helicopters types by inspection. Position, localization, interpretation of power lines maps. Communication. The use of washing equipment to operators.
  • Unit 3: Safety, staff, assistant staff, weather and environment. The movements coordinating between pilot and operator.
  • Unit 4: The installation use and equipment maintenance: Aircraft. The coordination between air and ground staff. The electric transport company requirements. The legal and civil aviation requirements.

There will be stage test after every class and at the final day an exam to see that the students have understood the information given.

For the practical part:

The workload on a washing pilot is very high. He has to withstand many hours of flight, often stationary and very hot. Sometimes working with tailwind. To be physically fit and to work good in a team is very important. Even if the number of flight hours is not the most important thing it usually makes the training easier to complete if the student has at least 150 hours on type and some experience in sling work.

The requirements for the operators are only: to be more than 18 years old, must be fit and have finished basic studies.


At the end of the training course, HeliTecnics will give a Training certificate.


HeliTecnics always obeys the aeronautic and electric standards:

  • IEEE 516 Guide for Maintenance Methods on EnergizedPower lines.
  • IEEE Guide for Cleaning Insulators Standard 957.
  • ISO 9001:2008 Internal Procedures.

Place: The Places the training course could be done are at:

Stockholm (SWEDEN), Tenerife (SPAIN), Fortaleza (BRAZIL), Seoul (SOUTH KOREA) and Vancouver (CANADA) or at the origin countries of the trainees.

The course could be done in English, French and Spanish. For groups with other languages needs, the course will be done with a professional translator.

The assistants receive the necessary formation to take part of the elite of specialized helicopter works, thanks to their preparation, efficiency, safety and the maximum respect for the environment.