Inspection of Power Lines

In the same helicopter flight with our specialist pilot and two engineers, can be obtained:

  • Thermal Inspection (IR)
  • UV Inspection to Detect the Corona Effect
  • Visual Inspection with 4k Pictures and Videos
  • GPS of the Power-Line

With a track record stretching back 20 years in live line washing insulators, the OHTL inspections has become a very common task within our activities.

These operations can be complemented with a visit on foot from tower to tower checking, base, structure, grounds, vegetation, etc, always meeting the RAT and IEEE standards.

For inspections on short lines, drones equipped with Ultra HD cameras and infrared cameras are used, obtaining the same results as with the helicopter.

We operate worldwide working with native helicopter operators that provide greater assurance to our crew and services.

We make training courses where is needed.