Cleaning Wind Turbine Blades With Helicopter

In the table attached, could see the profit that could be obtained increasing the wind turbine production, this study is made for a 2MW turbine. With an increment of 0.7%, less in some countries, the blades’ cleaning is worthwhile and the periodic cleaning by our method is fully justified .

Remember that, for example, in Spain the production could increase from 4% to 10% for each wind turbine cleaned and in northern Europe countries from 2% to 7% immediately after the cleaning.


HeliTecnics is the first company in the world to carry out wind turbine cleaning.

HeliTecnics is the first company in the world to have the first prototype of the Helion wind turbine cleaning system with an international patent

We provide training to helicopter operators and wind farm maintenance companies.

In approximately 1 hour we clean a wind turbine using treated water and biodegradable detergents instead of 4 or 5 days using other methods. That is to say; in 4 days we perform the service of 40. We reduce downtime, risks and penalties

It is known that there are many factors that cause the “break” of the aerodynamic profile of the blades: snow, ice, pollution, humidity, suspended dust, insects, etc., which causes the “fall” of the wind turbine’s performance. These losses represent approximately between 2% and 20% in the generation of electrical energy or 100% in the case of ice or snow on the blades.

The maintenance of these facilities is fully assumed within the operational costs of a wind farm although the existing methods are excessively slow, expensive and with a very high risk of the personnel in charge of these tasks.