Live Line Washing Insulators

HeliTecnics is worldwide provider of training courses, sale of washing equipment and specialized services with helicopter in high tension lines. One of these services is the live line washing insulators.

HeliTecnics has more than 20 years experience in live line washing insulators in countries like Morocco, Greece, Spain, South Korea, France, Cyprus and Algeria among others, and more of 1.000.000 insulator strings washed in 66, 132, 220, 400 and 500 kV. Our average is 100 insulators/hour, HeliTecnics has developed and improved a procedure of washing during this years of experience, you could benefit of this procedure in the training courses we give.

HeliTecnics also makes training courses for pilots, operators and ground team for these operations.

We always work with native pilots, operators and companies.

The live line washing insulators with AS350 and MD500 helicopters allows access to all kind of lines and insulators configurations.

HeliTecnics offers the possibility to provide and sale washing systems and equipment for washing insulators.

It is a quick, effective and economic method.