Drone Services

Helitechnics offers full air services by incorporating unmanned aircraft (drones) and the use of imaging devices: high quality photography and HD video, thermography, GPS record, etc.

Within our new drones services, we offer:

  • Wind Turbines Inspection

Wind turbine blades inspection is very important in the maintenance operations. Besides the importance of pre-inspection before cleaning it is essential to have a control of the conditions of the blades to try to obtain the maximum efficiency.

To achieve maximum output a wind turbine has, the blades must be cleaned regularly and should be considered as part of regular maintenance.

The pre-inspection before cleaning is important to find damages, imperfections, cracks or holes in the surface, these events causes a decrease in performance and make the cleaning operation impossible, these imperfections have to be repaired to proceed to cleaning. It is also important to know the quantity and type of dirt (pollution, oil leaks, salt, insects, …) build-up on the blades to estimate the time of cleaning and refueling.
The post-inspection is also important to check if the cleaning was correct and to detect any minimal damage appeared in the blades after cleaning.

These inspections are made with a Sky Eye T-Series equipped with a camera Ultra HD/4K and a thermal camera FLIR T-Series to observe any kind of anomaly not visible at first sight, this inspection is especially useful in new wind turbines with an electrical resistance incorporated in its blades to prevent ice and snow build-up.

  • Inspection of power lines

HeliTecnics has more than 20 years experience in inspections of power lines with helicopter and washing insulators and now opens new doors in the field of drones.

Both visual and thermal inspections are made by the camera Ultra HD/4K and FLIR T-Series thermal camera the drone have, it also makes a GPS path for a greater accuracy when it has to observe and report some anomalies.

These operations are complemented by walk from tower to tower checking pedestal structure, grounds, vegetation, etc, always in according with RAT and IEEE standards.

This service is recommended for short lines (less than 50 km), because here is where the helicopter inspection becomes more expensive, for longer distances is recommended the second option to optimize time and resources.

  • Roof inspection

The roof inspection in buildings and factories is a complementary service to the thermographic inspections we provide to industries and companies.
By drones is posible to make a quick visual and thermographic roof inspection of these facilities to observe and report for leaks and failures on enclosures, extraction and ventilation systems

  • Solar parks inspection

Renewable energies are becoming an important asset in the energy field worldwide. Solar energy is one of them, the vast amount of emissions we have in our territory make solar parks installation very profitable.

Thanks to our drones equipped cameras Ultra HD/4K and FLIR T-Series, we are the best choice to inspect solar parks with great precision, both visual and thermal inspections. In the thermographic inspection can be observed defects, leaks, ruptured cells and damage in the electrical system of the panels and in the high resolution visual inspection you can observe damaged areas, allowing the preventive maintenance of the installation.

Up to now, inspections had to be done from the ground panel to panel or renting helicopters to fly over the area, drones make it more economical and flexible.

Our Drones

HeliTechnics has one of the best drones in the market, the Sky Eye T-Series, is customized to carry any of the Flir T-series cameras and is designed to take advantage of the cameras special thermal features to carry out inspections on all sorts of structures and environments and is very suitable for the wind industry due to its resistance to adverse wind conditions thanks to its compact design together with both mechanical and electronic setup.

The UAV is equipped with a powerful onboard computer. To control the cameras functions we have combined software and hardware unique to Sky Eye Innovations. This technology allows you to control the cameras functions without relying on infrastructure like 3/4G or Wi-Fi connectivity. Instead you control the camera functions via the UAV operators radio control. The radiometric data stream is recorded on the hard drive in the onboard computer and you can easily access the data to do a post flight analysis. Adding our fault tolerance solutions such as the unique parachute system and redundant flight control you secure your equipment.

You will be able to find a huge amount of actors within the drone industry, offering this service. Drones and cameras are getting cheaper and many actors claim they can inspect, just because they are able to fly a drone. Some also claim to perform full inspections in less than 10 minutes per turbine, which in our experience is very unrealistic. Unfortunately many players don’t have the skills, equipment or the experience of the aviation and wind industry to safely and professionally make an inspection to rely on.