Energy Audits in Buildings

An energy audit involves evaluating the energetic behavior of the building, diagnose their weaknesses and propose measures in terms of energy saving and energy efficiency.

It is also important to implement these measures: the main factor that determines their viability is certainly economic.

The annual energy losses by a problem of joints isolation or due to improper closing of the windows of a building could generate an increase of the efficiency of about 7% on your heating bills and even exceed 15%. To avoid this and other problems, there are several actions could be taken on buildings:

  • Insulation control in thermal bridges

Per m2 of a thermal bridge with a insulation defect, the heating losses can be estimated from 170 to 220kwh /year. This is to say, a flat of 30m2with defective thermal bridges could suppose losses of approximately 400 Euros in a single year.

Investments to arrange these problems (wasted energy and money) are recovered, generally, in less than 4 years. Not forgetting the quantity of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere.

  • Humidity control


The humidity in walls and roofs cause serious problems in the building structure. Is important to detect quickly the origin of this factor, because the humidity spreads speedily and the economic losses will be much higher, because of the energetic losses and the materials degradation. With thermography you could locate this critic points easily.


  • Radiating floor thermographic inspection

In this area, thermography accomplishes two functions: the first one is to control the energetic efficiency of the floor and the second to locate the pipes and possible damage zones.

This fact let study and planstasks that affect the installation without damaging and increase its efficiency.

  • Efficient lightning

In interior and exterior buildings lightning is absolutely necessary to implement an objective and functional energetic assessment.

  • Roof analysis

We offer this new roof analysis service by drones, equipped with Ultra HD and thermal cameras perform an inspection and analysis of the roof for leaks and failures on enclosures, extraction and ventilation systems.

The reductions of the cost can reach 50-60% depending on the possibility to implement new systems or materials.